17 Feb 2017

Hello Kiehl’s

Cláudia Diniz

My first Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

“A replenishing elixir of Pure Essential Oils and Distilled Botanicals to Visibly Restore the Appearance of Skin by Morning “

Believe me it’s true, I have never had a oil at night to take care of my skin.

I have already used a day cream and a night cream. I have already used a moisturizing cream that I could use as a day cream or as a night cream without distinction.

I was in Madrid to meet some luxury cosmetics brands and they told me about the Kiehls brand.

I was suggested to try the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and they assured me that I would like the results!
I tried it a few days and I applied it at night and I really saw results.

The results…

– Fluffy and brighter skin;

– The hydrated skin, revitalized and healthy looking.

How to Apply:

-Apply 2-3 drops of treatment on cleansed skin;

-Gently press fingertips to cheeks, forehead, and chin to evenly distribute the application before gently massaging it into the skin;

-Can wear alone or under moisturizer.


More details about Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

-Restores and replenishes for smoother, healthier skin

-Works at night, when skin is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors

-A blend of oils including, naturally-derived Lavender.

I love it!!

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