13 Mar 2017

Red Lips Week – Madrid

Cláudia Diniz

This weekend I got to meet the new Armani’s red 400 lipstick, the perfect red!

I love to wear and see a woman with a red lipstick. It is a synonymous of elegance, style and lots of personality.

As an adventurous woman, I like to take risks, discovering new formulas and colors, so therefore

I couldn’t stay indifferent and not be part of this red week.

This 400 red is available in 4 different formulas.

Lip Magnet Second-Skin Matte, Lip Master Velvet Matte, Rouge d’Armani Silky Sation and Eestasy Laquer Shiny Vinyl.

I was advised by a Professional Face Designer to choose the Lip Maestro Velvet Matte. He made me up and the result exceeded my expectations.

Big lips, matte effect and no paste (it was my biggest fear as it’s still a lipgloss)

In addition to being in love with this model, I was surprised when I saw my name engraved on it.

I loved it, I brought it home along with a intensiva mascara and a foundation.

Forever Red Lips !!!

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