29 Mar 2017

15 days Alkaline Diet

Cláudia Diniz

I´m starting today a new challenge!

We´re all aware about the health benefits of a good diet but, let me ask you something. Have you ever heard about the alkaline diet? Do you know that if you start adding highly alkaline ingredients into your diet your body will keep it´s own balance?

Today, me and my friend Filipa, are starting this diet and we will gonna stick to it for 15 days.

Together we´ve joined the challenge.

I´m gonna share with you a lot of recipes during this 15 days so keep an eye on my insta stories.

Today I´m sharing the first, delicious and easy to make salad:

-Mixed salad




-Goat´s cheese

-Smoked salmon


-Chia seeds

-Season it with olive, lime and balsamic vinegar

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