07 Nov 2017

How to Rock a Denim Jacket – Even When It’s Cold!

Cláudia Diniz

The Most Versatile Jacket

The Denim jacket is often marketed as spring or fall outerwear, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Why wait until spring to rock with it!?! The key is smart layering.

During the chilly weather, it can be tough to keep warm and stylish at the same time, that’s why laying up is essential when it comes to this look. A denim jacket might seem like the last thing you should reach for during winter but I disagree. Here are some tips how to combine it:

  • Shearling Look
  • Layering Look
  • Look with a Dress
  • Double Denim Look
  • Feminine look with Every Colour
  • Look with a Knitted Sweater

I’m completely surrendered with this Iconic Denim Jacket!!! Aren’t you?

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Shearling Look

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