07 Dec 2017

The statement pieces you need to shop Immediately

Cláudia Diniz

Do you know the feeling of wanting to go all in with feminine look but still holding a desire for a pop

of urban sense? You’ve, definitely, been seen that during the last couple of weeks. Actually, it is

even noticeable during the most hot Fashion Weeks.

Women are craving for power, women are demanding a edgier style and and approach to the

traditional styles and, personally, I have been loving the evolution of fashion.

Perhaps due to the a more wider vision of style, the truth is that we are seeing powerful fashion

houses growing their range of creativity and allowing themselves to run wild and even go beyond

creatively. From art collaborations (as seen in Gucci) to a true obsession for logos (as seen in

Balenciaga, Supreme and Louis Vuitton) and highly retros shades (as seen in Gigi Eyewear,

CÉLINE and Les Specs), fashion lovers are craving for this fresh twist.

The key thought for this Wishlist is that we can and should mix different brands, different


Bottom line, never looked so good to mix fast fashion brands with luxury ones.

1- Mango Checked Oversized Blazer (the number one rule for this FW17);

2- Balenciaga hat (the logomania is in good shape this season. Risk and have fun);

3- Chanel Gabrielle (for me, the most coveted perfume this year);m

4- Gucci Sweatshirt (it is impossible to turn our eyes away from the Unskilled Worker Collection

from Gucci. In high demand, for sure).

5 – YSL boots (does anyone remembers this style used and abused by Rihanna after the YSL

runway shoe? Ok, no glitter on but still mesmerized by it’s killer black leather power);

6- Balenciaga Triangle Duffle (the “it bag” that was a must seen in every Fashion Week, from grey

to power red and green color palettes);

7- Lespecs sunnies (bye bye to the old and a little tiny boring shades. The retro style is here to

stay and it is a true reflexion of attitude);

8- HM mini skirt (a sporty style is a fresher and more practical way to give your legs a little breeze).

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