14 Dec 2017

Last call for your NOW Christmas Must-Haves

Cláudia Diniz

This week as been crazy, chaotic and super frenetic – for numerous reasons – however, I must say

that I definitely love to live these three feelings all wrapped into one package. Why? Again, it is Christmas time everybody. YES.

This year, everything is a little bit warmer – yes, I can tell you that I am not feeling the typical cold of the season, actually, I am very (very) far away from mountains or snow – at all. But don’t worry, you’ve probably already figured this out by my instastories. If not (why are you not indulging in my instastories right now? I promise you will love them!), you should do it asap – just saying,

But this small talk is not what you’ve clicked for, am I right? No. You are pursuing a true Christmas Hot Pieces to offer to you other half – no, not the Valentine’s day, yet, So, ladies (and gentlemen), who of you have already finished their Christmas maniac shopping? 1, 2, 3 (…) OK, guess most of you are done by now, but if any of you (Hey there you!) by any means or by any chance are (still) lost among multiple and infinite stimuli, this shopping list (wish list, frankly) is just for you. Lets do this together, because it was hard enough on me to come up with 6 (ONLY) items list for each, woman and men, so bare with me when it comes to the power of selection.

1.The Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is a must-have since I can remember, so you should keep in mind that the one that has the logo mania craziness going on is the one to go (and to get). If you are able to personalize with her initials, well, you just found the way to her heart. Actually, you will understand that you might be promoted to “best boyfriend, husband” EVER.(SHOP)

2. The Vogue Colors A to Z is the perfect present for a highly creative mind, someone that is truly passionate about colors, trends and vision. Plus, it is amazing when the present is perfectly “tailored” to the personality. Coloring is proved to be relaxing and empowering, so if you girlfriend has been dealing with highly stressful days (perhaps due to the fact that she wants to find the perfect gift for you), this book is super thoughtful. (Not that it matters, but it helped me).

3. Well, who said that women can not have the best of both worlds? These Chuck Taylor All Star  are extremely practical and yet so elegant. Why? because they have a hidden high heel which makes every street walking into a kind of runway. This is a major win-win.

4. This is a time of the year that really reminds of Paris – I actually was there a few weeks ago -, not only because of the very very cold days, but because I believe that Christmas is also super romantic (right?). This Mini Classic Check Cashmere with hearts teleports me immediately to there, in a true blink of an eye. The classic check and the beautiful red hearts make me want to jump on a plane and just go see the Eiffel Tower. I just figured that this could a sweet way of bringing Paris to your love.

5. In terms of beauty wise, I have to be fair and just mentioned the magical and fresh concealer from La Prairie, the brand (and family) that I have been very lucky to meet. I had the opportunity to live a true Parisiene experience with them, and must assure that I felt relaxed and involved in a very nurturing environment. The fragrance is from Yves Saint Laurent and it is called Mon Paris, so (…) I think I don’t need to mention (again) how crazy I am for Paris. The word “Paris” makes the rest.

6. The last (but, obviously, not least) is the Tag Heuer Carrera watch. Every woman loves a beautiful and strong watch, specially when times call for a statement in terms of women rights and gender equality. This watch can help – nobody can say the opposite – build the image of “I am women but I wear the watch – not the pants”. Get it?

Guess this was easy. But I promise, I had so much fun deciding on what could be the best gifts for

men as well.

1. The Bleecker Utility backpack was made to address utility and practicality. So, if your man is super active and runs to the office in a bike, while needing to take a bus and drop at the busiest metro station ever, this gift is definitely for him. And you can be sure, he will be running the city in style. Plus, you he is a blogger boyfriend, he can always add the camera and carry it every time – no excuses, not anymore (please, hear my dramatic laughs).

2. Speaking about camera, the truth is that the oldies but goodies are coming back and I could not ignore the beautiful Polaroid 600, a major star. For those that are in love for that traditional and untouchable vintage feeling, this camera is the one that should go into the backpack. Be strategic gurl.

3. Ok, right now we are feeling a huge hype for bulky sneakers, so of course I checked them out. I left OFF-White off the scene and just fell in love with these major primary color inspired pair of sneakers. These are from DSQUARED2 and I think they‘ve nailed it.

4. Tag Heuer Carrera is back again, but now in much larger bracelet and heavier screen. Still, this is not mandatory since women are loving the strongest and heaviest designs for jewelry and watches, so yes, you are allowed to buy it for yourself beautiful woman reading this.

5. When it comes to men, I love every fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent – noticeable, I know – but this one has my heart right now. It has a super fresh eau de toilette, and although simple it found the right trigger in me. Loving this.

6. This one is a surprise for those that either want to go completely wild when it comes to the gift and give a sense of freedom to the relationship, or to those that have boyfriends that are mad about riding races and rock-star vibes. In case of any of these scenarios, go with the Hedon Epicurism Helmet.

So, after this major help (hopefully), i just can’t help but wonder, what are going to choose for this Christmas?

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