22 Dec 2017

My 8 Kira Kira Friendly New Years Eve Dresses

Cláudia Diniz

Kira Kira alert everybody. The one of a kind night of the year is super close, so something tells me that I should just roll up my sleeves (literally, lets show off those shoulders) and dive into this matter.

And don’t know about you, but I really think this night through. I, usually, don’t leave any detail behind and I always try to find a certain creative inspiration and even a mood board. Yes, a mood board. Portuguese women are super energetic and, well, I like to plan – love planning.

Pressure on on. It is a super important night because, you know, it represents the rite of passage to a brand new year, right? It is supposed to just swipe the bad vibes, th ebad thoughts and even the bad memories from the previous year (that happened 5 seconds ago), and just welcome the “new year” (that just happened 5 seconds ago) with our arms (and heart people) wide open. If this is supposed to happen (and yes, the tradition and even society tells us so), we should ALL be dressed up for this extremely emotional moment.

Again, as Portuguese woman with a Spanish touch I have my quirks, but the year I really can’t faith the kira kira obsession. Ok, the app is adorable (thanks IOS), but what I really love about Kira Kira is the fact that every sequin and shiny fabric acquire a completely different look and life. Glowing from head to toe could not be more of a good dressage that it is, so why avoid it when we can all have so much fun with it – yes, ar goes the times where shinny and glittered stuff were not in fashion.

1.White Sequined Dress – white is the color of peace, and I am sorry if I am touching a sensitive issue, but this world needs a lot of peace and pure souls, so let’s be inspired by angels (angels can also be a fashionable inspo) and rock some major double color and circled sequins and own the dress. The magic of the dress lives in the bell inspired sleeves, that give a super retro

Since it is super short (and naked legs are on trend again), you can obviously have with the multiple styles available.

2. Sequinned Kimono with velvet – this dress has an Oriental touch to it, and quite frankly, it gives an ancient Chinese vibe. Probably because of the cut, since it has a big but so on point split on each side of the dress. Besides that emerald green makes is a true indicator of hope (remember, green stands for hope) for the upcoming 2018. Also, the vertical stripes are a great addition to the outfit since it gives length to any the body when paired with high heels. We all wish for length on New Years Eve.

3. Sequinned Halterofilias Neck Dress – burgundy is a great color for this type of events. It exudes a deep luxury feeling and the dramatic cut on the shoulders turns this Zara dress into a must wanted piece for this “Now or Never” night. I would wear it with my hair down, however, I can see the appeal of pulling it back in a sleek way and adding statement earrings.

4. Fringe Mesh Strappy Midi Bodycon Dress – the V neck cut is super exotic and right now I feel that it is quite a request for every top of any outfit. Yes, indeed this V lines were (previously) desired by a very specific type of women (called the lucky ones), however, times have changed and now women with simpler measurements are nailing (proudly) this style. So, don’t hesitate and own this dress. The only rule to follow – shake it hard because you have a lot of fringes to have fun with while dancing until the sun rises.

5. Sequinned halter-top dress – there is no harm in being (a little bit and still) stuck to the Christmas mood, actually, you should prolongate it if perfectly contextualized and reinterpreted by the perfect dress. Red will always be a super romantic color, and Kira Kira would be frenetic if you decide to use it on this power Dries Van Noten sequinned halter top one. How can you go wrong when you have all of  your back uncovered and ready for a night of pictures posing like a true star at the Oscars?

6. Blouson Sleeve Midi Dress –  If you are a more sporty type of woman and you actually prefer to add your runners, this super straight and geometric dress from RIXO London will, literally, brighten up your night. It is a sort of XXL or hiper maxi t-shirt and stands out because of the thin multicolored lines in emerald green, light blue and Prince Purple (the color of the year for so many of us) sequins.

7. Sequin-embellished wrap dress- Attico is a quit recent brand to the scene, but I am already rendered to it’s style, vision, dna and collaborations. Of course, our expectations are high since the brand was created and it is owned and designed by to major street style super stars (Miss Gilda and Giorgia), but still, what a major creative force. This wrap dress is, definitely, a go to because it is super versatile and you can be sure that you will wear it dozen of times styling it in totally different way. Two words: jeans and t-shirt. But for now, be a true Attico and Giovanna Battaglia fan and just make the rainbow your favourite color.

8-  Night pageant sequined tulle midi dress – if you are a risk taker and you quite comfortable around your social circle, you should definitely choose a translucent dress that will give a sort of liquid feeling to your outfit and attitude over all. It is a superb and elegant choice, but you really have to feel amazing in your skin and just be willing to understand that the dress itself will act as a light cape and that the major game will be played by your kick-ass “underwear”. Be bold and rule you own body as Ashley Graham (and so many mor body activists) has been doing at several events by proving that see thru dresses are classy as well and are for everyone.

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