02 Jan 2018

2018 Kick Off – The F’ World

Sara King Moura

2018 is here in 3,2,1 NOW.

Claudia has been living her dream. She moved to Madrid to do more about her creative side and do even more about her fashion sense and vision. When it comes to trends and “how to express yourself through clothes”, Portugal can be a little bit lonely, so I guess she’ve never felt completely integrated there and the truth is, neither have I.

So, and since everything happens for a reason, I actually met Claudia and I’ve already worked with Claudia. Must say, it kinda immediately felt so right, so I realized that maybe she was more than a business partner and more of a friend.

They say that people come and go faster than seasons, and I surely agree with that, but Claudia came as a fresh breeze of air. Of course, as an influencer herself, she has a pretty chaotic agenda so meeting and hanging it is so not easy. However, instead of fighting it we realized we could be more a team, mostly when it comes to help Portugal find a stronger and a louder expression with this so “fast and furious” type of industry.

Well, I always wanted to believe that my ability to speak for hours (and hours, AND hours) would, somehow, help me at some point in my life. Back then I thought that living my life as a very strict lawyer would be the right call, but soon I realized that I was too emotional and sort of a “easy on everything” type of young woman. From archaeologist, veterinary (even ) psychologist to Management and Marketing, I came a long long way, but I guess that Fashion Marketing was always after me and I was always in (a deep) pursuit of that creative and freedom based side of me.

From living and studying in Poland and London, Portugal has a big part of me, but I have to say that was London that really helped find myself in terms of professional (and even personal) identity. However, and because Portugal is perceived as “crowded”, Claudia opened space in her super crazy agenda and just allowed me to give life to my own words, perspective, humor and signature.

The F’ World (when F stands for fashion ahah) is an open space for creative minds, for people that want to be on top of every matter that comes along, for bright minds that are really up for inspiration and for (sometimes) rambling about something and/or everything, for hearts that simply feel love for fashion. It is very far from the so typical “F Word”, but you can read it like that whenever you feel like it – afterall, Fashion can be very therapeutic – if it actually helps you.

2018 wouldn’t be so hopeful and fun as it is about to be if it was not for Claudia. So every article, column or thought wrote by me it will always be a tribute to her (and to all the people that I love).

This is for me.

Cheers to 2018. Let’s of this.

All the love,

Sara King Moura

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