03 Jan 2018

SS18 Alert – Inspirations that have defined this season

Sara King Moura

We are living the very first few days of January 2018, so if you are a true fashion lover, you are already know that the 1st drops of SS18 are already taking place at the most coveted Department Stores and e-tailers around the entire world. I am sorry if I sound a little bit hysterical, but I’ve already seen Vetements SS18 on Style Bob, and it is a super high urban and colorful vibrant statement. You can go from bulky sneakers to a more classic (vetements style, of course) trench coat and man inspired structured blazer.

Bottom line, we at The F’ World will be taking this January to introduce to the pieces that are going to let you guard down by making use – a lot, perhaps – you credit card. The good new are that the trick is not shop based on quantity, but instead bases on strategy, so you by this exact time (next year), you will wearing pieces from past seasons but sill being at you best behavior in terms of fashion wise.

In a way, this SS18 is, definitely, a sort of “to be continued” from the past FW17/18. We came from a very interventional momentum, so the stakes are high for a industry that has been changing at a very fast pace in terms of social and moral values. We can, surely, expect more from the social and political activist, we well as women rights supporter, Prabal Gurung. We decided to talk more about the five top inspirations that opened space to the actual SS18 collections. In a way, we should always understand what is on their creative minds when they design our source of financial madness.

Garden Party

Feminine eccentricity are the core of this inspiration. You are going to find (A LOT) the ladylike vibe coming back thanks to see-through fabrics, floral patterns and flowing silks. You also must learn how to layer a true master, because you will see it happening on the streets as well. Since the pieces are thiner and lighter, the result is a more delicate and fluttering image;

Chromatic Palette – millennial pink (still a must), white, green water;

Patterns – directly inspired in the most beautiful gardens in the worlds, florals will play an important role;

Items – high waist trousers, long flowing skirts and coats, layered dresses and shirts with frills.

Deconstructing tradition

The sophistication will be represented by new cuts and forms, almost as a true reinterpretation of Architecture itself.

The silhouettes are carved through paradoxical details, giving rise to looks characterized by a handmade sensibility. Asymmetry is the focus of this style, proving that functionality can and should prevail. Celine will represent this inspiration in a very refine way, as per usual.

Chromatic Palette – light grey, clear white and brown;

Patterns – stripes and the so beloved “polka dot” will be still in the run;

Items – asymmetrical dresses, tunics, maxi blazers and elongated shirts.

Artistic Inspiration

We all know that art has always been and always will be a source of eternal life for everything that happens in Fashion. Museums, theater and even painting are mixed with tradition, opulence and drama. Several historical eras have gained prominence in the 21st century Fashion Scene thanks to Alessandro Michele, one of the designers who has most exalted the magnificence of this style, immortalizing it in the Gucci.

Chromatic Palette – reds, yellows, pinks and goldens; Patterns – florals, architectural and historical references; Itens – vintage dresses and skirts;

90’s legacy

The more traditional forms are totally re-imagined, exploding in breathtaking tones that prove the breaking of rules that industry has presented and experienced.

This style introduces us to the naturalness of individuality and casualness, reminding us of the flavor of the previously presented resort collections.

The 90’s are more of the key, catapulting our memory to the eternal and powerful Super Models of the time. Who does not remember the cover of Linda Evangelista for ELLE France in 1993? On a more recent note, who does not remember Versace’s SS18 show in Milan last September? Who can represent the 90’s in a better way than the Super Models Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen?

Chromatic Palette – vivid yellows, violet, black, red e citric orange;

Patterns – bold graphics, polka dots and tropical lines;

Items – leggins, oversized jackets and of course, the so needed dressessweater.


Eastern and maritime geographies

Pieces inspired by the high seas and the discovery of other worlds blow our sails towards a nautical mood, where maritime and refreshing pieces flood the greatest runways.

The casual-chic is characterized by salty colors, giving a romantic touch when tropical influences are brought to daylight.

It is above all a force of the fifties, although renewed and young.

Chromatic Palette – navy blue, sailor red, green and ginger;

Patterns – Thick and thin stripes, Japanese, floral and tropical references;

Items – Pajama and asymmetrical dress, boxy fit coats, wide leg pants and sarong skirts.

Eternal Dunes

This style is amply characterized by elements of constant safaris along several miles of land and deserts.

Pieces touched by the sun and the culture of these diverse remote places, give rise to a language and eclectic looks and spirit inspired.

The bohemian style becomes remarkable thanks to silky light silhouettes, carved by tribal patterns and prints.

Chromatic Palette – khaki, mustard yellow (generation Z finding their place),white, ginger and soft reds;

Patterns – tribal influences, Islamic geometries and highly ornate pieces;

Items – wide and flowing dresses, safari-inspired coats and oversized pants.


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