05 Jan 2018

The Top 12 Pieces we should all buy on Sale NOW

Cláudia Diniz

Everyone loves this season. Actually, i may take the risk and just affirm that after black Friday,

Sales Season are the times that keep us awake, counting the seconds until the clock marks 00:01 a.m.

The only thing that has been hauting me for a while is the solid notion that a lot of us simply get lost among so many options – and lets emphasize this, expensive options for most of the times – from season to season. Even for strict and well organized fashionistas, sales can be overwhelming and quite tricky, so I decided to come in your rescue and did a sort of high-profile curation of the key pieces that will add flavor and signature to your own style, combining up-market prices and a more commercial approach to your wallet.

I think – and as a young speaking – this time of the year is one of two moments that we all have a little bit of extra money in our pocket, so in a time that experiences are more valuable than ever, we all would be glad if we could save as much as we can, while getting our must-haves and saving for our dreaming vacation.

Remember, shop wisely. Since SS18 is coming up, you should rather prefer pieces that quite strong enough to stand out but “neutral” enough to survive through February on. Bargains are great, definitely (and I am true preacher of that), but I decided to edit the ones that I truly believe in.

From Net-a-Porter, My Theresa to even Zara, here are my fine tips on what to shop on sale right now.


1. Denim Jeans with embroidery floral- The truth is that our SS18 will be filled with floral, so you can never go wrong with skinny jeans. Was 25,95€ and now 19,99€; http://bit.ly/2Ctm91U

2.  Colored Denim Jacket – Everyone has already heard about the so called “Gen-Z Mustard Yellow”, so if you haven’t adopted it, it must do it now because the color will live through out the season. Be bold. Was 39,95€ now 29,99€; http://bit.ly/2CLuMsV

3. Tul Printed Shirt – Sheer materials will be must for this season, so you better have lingerie

graceful enough to be be worn beneath see-through pieces. It is tasteful, don’t worry. Was

19,95€ now 12,99€; http://bit.ly/2CMgwju

4.Blue Sky Metallic Ankle Boot Ankle boot – A little Vetements inspiration never hearted

nobody, so and if you are a bright and color friendly person, you sure will find this piece super

useful, mostly in a time where light blues will be all over the place. So, why not on your feet?

Was 49,95€ now 29,99€; http://bit.ly/2F1YFCw


1. JOSEPH Oversized belted faux leather trench coat – You should definitely go maxi and

oversized and should, certainly, chose faux everything from now on. This beige trench is a

remarkable choice. Was 1,995€ now 998€; http://bit.ly/2F28sJ0

2. CHLOÉ Ruffled cotton and silk-blend maxi skirts – From the ruffles to the maxi and

summery vibe, this skirt is an amazing purchase. Was 2,050€ now 1,435€; http://bit.ly/2hqcilt

3. CAROLINE CONSTAS Off-the-shoulder polka-dot cotton-blend poplin top – Not only

because she was a huge name during these last two seasons, but mainly because it has a sort Parisienne feeling to each piece. With I simply adore. Besides, polka dot can be quite stubborn and not fade so fast. Was 420€ now 252€; http://bit.ly/2qsh6gD

4. NIKE Air Max 95 embossed suede and canvas sneakers –Dad shoes (or chunky sneakers if

you will) will still play a leading role in fashion. Besides, different shades of pink are always

welcome to any closet. So you better enjoy this 40% OFF. Was 140€ now 85€; http://bit.ly/2AuY6h6

My Theresa

1. SIMON MILLER Bonsai 15 leather tote – Totes seem to not go out of trend. Which is extremely reassuring since I personally love them. This Simon Miller is a super adorable way to make a statement while maintaining our ties to black and to the ring. Was 425€ now 297€; http://bit.ly/2CWKRZz

2. ISABEL MARANT Lostynn leather boots – Such a regular presence during the past Fashion Weeks, so is (kinda) a historical purchase. You know you will be getting something that looks stunning on your feet as well in any picture. Was 1,280€ now 768€; http://bit.ly/2CFrE0O

3. VETEMENTS Floral-printed dress – VETEMENTS has a super lady like side to it, so if you are willing to try a more down-to-earth version of the brand, you should find this as an opportunity. Was 1,590€ now 954€; http://bit.ly/2Av8fKM

4. GANNI Julliard mohair and wool sweater – The Danish mid-market brand has been making quite an impression and we all want it (at least, I want). Introducing knit and violet (two things that are here to stay), here you have another good news. Was 419€ now 293€;http://bit.ly/2CWLwKx

Good shopping Girls!






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