07 Jan 2018

Gregory Masouras – The man that brings Disney Princesses to life

Sara King Moura

Gregory Masouras is the man behind the project that has been shaking off the Fashion Industry.

From top models, iconic moments to big covers shot by the biggest photographers in the business, Greg (as I like to call him) transforms Disney characters into reality.

I had the pleasure to interview you him and understand his creative side. From being a photographer and illustrator to a “magician”, you are about to know the true essence and dreams of this man.

If you don’t follow Greg, if better do so. Naomi Campbell has already done it.

1) You have been quite a strong name during these last few months Gregory. As the man behind the marvelous project called #AnimationInReality, what was the sparkle for this magical approach to fashion?

#AnimationInReality is intended to “integrate fantasy into reality”. As for the larger objective:

“Ultimately, my purpose would be the liberation of adult imagination by using tools that were, up to now, reserved for younger audiences.” Everybody knows Disney characters and celebrities, right?

So, I just mash up the “past celebrities” with the real ones (per say) that we know everybody nows.

2) You are Greek, right? Did you feel any struggle to launch your very own name as a photographer and illustrator because you are not located in any of the others capitals considered to be the fashion hubs?

Yes, I am Greek but this don’t create many problems when it comes to my work within the fashion industry. The only problem is that I would prefer people from fashion industry to meet my art and vision live not and only from social media. It would be great to give a physical structure.

3) How did you come up with the concept of transforming personalities and models in Disney Princess and characters?

Sometimes I am inspired by the character/aura of the celebrity, sometimes by his/her style that matches the cartoon, and there are also times that I focus on humor and spontaneity.

4) For those that do not know – as myself – how long does it take to transform a cover? My favorite is the Harper’s Bazaar with Angelina Jolie, although the celebration issue from Vogue Italy really gave me amazing, so can you use these two as examples?

I don’t know. It may go from 2,3,4 hours until days, but I never watch the time when I edit one

photo because this “thing” makes me happy – from the time that I start the edit until the end.

5) You’ve already made history by editing campaigns such as the new Versace SS18 with Naomi Campbell and and iconic moments as the return of Carla Bruni, Claudia Shiffer, Can you give us a sneak peek on one or two next covers or moments you plan to present to the world?

Yes that photo was the highlight of the year, even way before the end of it. Everybody responded to it with thousands of likes or/and comments and Naomi and Claudia repost it. Currently I am working on my new project called “AnimationInReality Vs 90s covers” and although it is under construction, I think that I will publish it right after the New Years.

6) You have been congratulated and mentioned by big names in the Fashion Industry, from Mert Alas, Jeremy Scott, Anja Rubik to Joan Small and (one again) Naomi herself. How does it feels and who is your true idol in terms of inspiration and work?

Yes its true. Every time I post a new photo almost everybody immediately responds to it by liking or commenting it. Besides the names you mentioned, names like Gigi, Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Marc Jacobs and more are also engaging with my Instagram page and work. I feel extremely happy because they responded positively to something that were not supposed to exist. After wall, we talking about a high-profile production for a magazine cover, so “allowing” to pick up their covers and go beyond what is already done, is amazing and I am very thankful. I don’t have an “idol”. I wouldn’t name it like that. I take inspiration from everything – from the fashion and models to even photographers, so all of them help me to edit.

7) You have been mentioning the possibility of selling merchandising with some of your best #AnimationInReality works. Any dates already planned?

No, not yet. But people will surely see #AnimationInReality as a sort of collection, something special and different from the covers and campaigns that I’ve been editing so far.

8) What are your goals with this beautiful and alluring projects?

It is a very challenging one, but yet possible.I hope one day I can publish my project at a big gallery in New York.

All the love,

Sara King Moura

Fashion Contributor







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