10 Jan 2018

Tips to Nail 2018 as Urban and Independent Woman

Sara King Moura

I am curious. So, how was this first awkward (but exciting) early days of 2018? Every beginning is –  normally, at least – filled with a lot of question marks (and I mean, a LOT of them), but they also represent a major chance to go over every action we did last year (the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, the worthy ones and the not so worthy), but more importantly, you have a sort of green card, a clean slate to start over (if you want, of course) and build yourself up again.

So, this article is a sort of psychological effort to help you believe that everything can be better and will be better. As Humans as we are, we are creatures of habits – even if you don’t want to admit that, everyones has something in a sort of loop mode – so I just thought of some tips that can – definitely – help build a stronger attitude towards everyday for the next eleven months.

I am extremely proud of myself because I have already tried and they are pretty solid, so I did some tests in order to prove the following ideas can turn you into a woman much more focused, happier and organized.

1. Start every morning with music

I can promise you that this is the type of advise that you can perceive as a total “bla bla” moment, but I can swear to you that is a no fail situation. Scientifically speaking, listening to music (and ignoring the typical alarm ring that everyone has on their iPhones) while waking up enhances intelligence (that is right girls), improves memory performance, concentration, attention and even fights fatigue (so, get rib of coffee NOW). The truth is that is such a simples gesture with such a tremendous impact that we are dumb if you don’t choose this over the “pi pi pi” sound of the alarm.

2. Plan it (nut not too much)

A prevented person is worth two, so if you have a pretty chaotic work and even schedule, you really have to sit down and just realize the need of an organized agenda. Keep track if your duties, formal hours and strictly business speaking matters puts you one step closer to sanity. You should plan your days and weeks in order to make room to your friends, family and to that special person that keeps receiving a “sorry, got stuck at work” almost constantly. I normally go beyond by iPhone calendar, just because I love to use colorful markers to kind of force my mind to understand that the blue color is my happy color. Meaning: my free time, my “Me Time”. Try this. It’s so liberating.

3. Say “No”

Society often puts a lot of pressure into “social etiquette” and that includes – in so many occasions – to say yes to things that we are not quite in total agreement with. We should simply stand up for our beliefs and morally speaking, fashion is also a “tool” when it comes to self-expression. From political matters to sustainable obligations, we have two letters that together form a powerful word.

“No” should come up whenever you feel like to, whenever if you feel that you need to stop something already in motion or prevent anything else from starting. From a “No, thank you. I don’t want pop corns” to a “No, I won’t support transgender discrimination”, you have a say.

Be bold, be you.

4. Read The F’ World

This is the very first month of The F’ World by CD, a e-magazine (the so called “goal”) that covers everything (I mean everything), so if you are looking for a (very) active and opinionated (and still, informative) media channel, this is the right place for you. From everything that was, is and will go on within the Fashion Industry, you have first row free tickets to read all about trends, new comers, inspirations, edits and interviews. I think I can almost risk and say that you won’t get bored, because we know more than fashion, so we will also prove that political and even sustainable strings attached to this volatile and creative environment exist, as they should.

All the love,

Sara King Moura

Fashion Contributor


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