19 Jan 2018

The SS18 Céline Edit – 10 Looks that you need to run for this season

Cláudia Diniz

As you may probably know, the master (and now iconic) Phoebe Philo has been announced as an another change when it comes to the creative chairs among fashion industry. 2017 has been a year of multiple changes and times have been quite confusing, since a lot of creative directors are losing the grip by not being able to keep their sit warm enough.

We surely can not say we are surprised, because this departure has been rumored since short after SS18 presentation. But still, from rumors to reality is quite a mile but I guess where is smoke there is an actual fire. That being said, Philo would be stepping down as the creative director of Céline, from where she held her position since 2008 until basically now. She ultimately rebuild the entire Céline as the label to go for minimally chic, raw and effortless professional women.

You could spot Philo’s designs and tailoring from miles away, and when it comes to hit pieces, I am not quite sure if I should mention the just-so cut of a trench or the 24835854 weather goods that she as able to create as already born stars.

From the classic and signature piece trench coat to the so instragramable Luggage, Trio and Clasp styles, Phoebe has made a golden medal worth kind of job. In a sincere tribute to her and to her role has the leading mind at Céline, here are the 10 looks that you should consider to get. After all, the pieces that make the entire style may be considered collectors worthy.

However, please don’t panic, at least for one more season. She will still present Autumn/Winter2018, so enjoy the last moments of the double P as Céline’s true artist.





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