20 Jan 2018

A subway lookbook day in Madrid

Cláudia Diniz

Have you ever heard that it is when you when we relax the most about a certain outfit, that we truly conquer it? It is an accurate sentence, for sure.

This week I had plenty to do and needed to make the items present in my long list of “things to get it done before I get mad with myself” sort of, well, happen. I realize that calendar duties take the best of us most of the times and the best comment to that same realization is “Well, that is life”, but we should also be serious with ourselves and just face it – we have extremely lazy days sometimes.

So, is there any dress code for those slow and sort of disconnected from everything kind of days?

Not slow enough to be at home and do the seven letter word that we can use sometime – n o t h i n g – but slow enough to avoid a business appointment or a family gathering. Do you get me? In two words, I am talking about “Subway Day”, not because you it demand a certain and particular fashion juxtaposition,but only because it is undeniable comfy when subway means flat shoes – meaning sneakers), cosy hoodies and warm teddy XL coats.

In Madrid I have been concentrated in all my errands and trying to manage a house (and we all know the type of logistics that is attached to it), to develop a career based in a specific position and even to juggle all of this with family in Porto and all of my travels all year around (by the way, I am preparing some major surprises when it comes to passport usage).

One thing I have to admit tho is that I never thought I could love so much the on going and so practical trend of wearing leggings when our days come down to change lines, change carriages and find an available seat to just rest from our infinite day ahead of me.

Oh, and by the way, don’t be afraid to add a more sporty and kind of athleticism inspired item. A cap is a very much necessary accessory to make your “down to earth” outfit look exactly like if you didn’t have the time to think or even understand the entire concept. It gives a masculine touch without being too forced or evident, plus, it can help you to tame your hair on a really – or a least
not good – day. Vestment and Marques Almeida have been strengthening up this trend, and I could not be a bigger fan than I already am.
So, who loves the subway?


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