21 Jan 2018

RIXO – the Vintage London based brand fueling the fashion scene

Sara King Moura

So, for those that don’t know RIXO and love light fabrics and vintage inspired patterns and cuts,

I must warn that there is a high risk of falling in love with this contemporary womenswear genius brand. Founded by two free spirits that decided to shoot for the stars and say bye to the buying headquarters life, RIXO is proving that quality does not come from quantity and that love conquers all.

1) So, this is very special to me as an interviewer, since I (also) studied at the London College of Fashion. Do you think London gives the right vibe to understand and pursuit the love for fashion?

So nice to hear you are also a LCF girl ☺ !! Completely, London is such an incredible city and although when both Orlagh and I first moved here we hated it, it has now become our home and more important the birth place of what we call our little baby RIXO! There is such a great vibe here and an amazing mix of people, styles and always something new popping up. There is endless opportunities in the city that inspires us and has allowed us to turn our dream into a reality. London is a very special place to us and our brand.

2) By the way, it is very important to mention that you both are very Young, right? When exactly did you understand that you could be joining forces in a very near future and become the next big thing in Fashion?

Yes, I’m 25 and Orlagh is 28. We are two very determined girls – to say the very least – and accept every challenge RIXO throws at us (which believe me it does!). We started RIXO with such passion and determination and this has only got us stronger as we’ve grown. We feel we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg yet and are so excited for the future. As soon as we met at university we just clicked – is so strange as we both have the same taste in fashion but also such similar personalities, that we are both willing to just make it work and think outside the box when it comes to the business side of RIXO. There are hard days but we feel that there is a huge gap in the market for flattering, unique, good quality design at an affordable price point. We are OBSESSED with the product and after meeting each other we went into buying head offices but soon realized that we could create something on our own that we truly believed in and then just went for it.

3) I know that you both are very into a vintage fashion language. How do you think that par tour you DNA translates into your designs?

We stared RIXO as we felt there was nothing on the market that got us excited the same way our vintage pieces did. Be it a dresses or be it any garment that we found at a vintage fair – these would always be the ones we would go back to in our wardrobe and pull out time after time as they are timeless pieces that you just love for life. We know vintage hunting and shopping isn’t for everyone so we wanted to take away the hunt for our consumer and bring to people timeless garments that they just love and don’t follow a trend… RIXO is season less and can be worn winter summer year after year. We don’t look at key trends and only design piece we love and feel can really fit into a lifestyle.

4) Speaking of DNA, what story do you believe RIXO tells and puts out into the world?

With RIXO, we would love to put our the message that any age lady can wear our designs. It really isn’t about a young 20 something skinny, model type of girl. We have the most amazing and diverse customer type and often have mothers, daughters and grandmother wearing the same blouse! It means the world to us to make an older lady in her 70s feel and look amazing, just because you age it doesn’t mean you loose your style. In our first Lookbook shoot we used an amazing older lady called Ann who have the most amazing long grey hair (and we scouted her at the gym). She is just a real lady who was striking and looked just as good on the day as the agency young model. With RIXO our DNA is also our prints, each print we hand paint on our kitchen table so they are complete individual. Our print tiles are meters long so the prints are never repeated and each dress is not placement printed so they are all one off pieces.

5) It was, obviously, a leap of faith creating this brand. Before being married to RIXO and becoming a #HumanOfRixo, what were you doing?

We both studied fashion at LCF and then went into buying careers but soon realized we have far too much passion for the product and hated the head office atmosphere which was so depressing when it came to getting a garment into price (9 times out of ten it mean you had to dumb the produce down to get it into price). As we were both so young when we first started we were told we needed more experience, plus, we knew no one in the industry. Still, we fought fire with fire and just went for it. We know If we were to build RIXO it would be full on and full time so as we both didn’t have any real responsibilities that comes with age or any ties down we though the moment was now and just left out jobs.

6) I guess that dreams are really made to push us forward. Are you having fun and taking pride in your story so far?

I think we are just rolling with it and you can never take anything for granted since fashion is a very tickle world and you can be hot one moment and not the next (it probably looks like a lot of fun but there is a lot and lot of hard work, that can be very draining at times). Orlagh and I are so unbelievably close we are more like sisters or twins now, we live together. RIXO, some weeks ago, was rolling from our living room ☺ We thank our lucky stars each day that we have each other along the journey and we have the funniest times building our dream. There have been some hilarious moments and also moments where we pinch ourselves that women even know what RIXO is. We are always so busy to be able to take a step back and look at what we have conquered so far but we still have a long long way to go.

7) Going a little bit high tech and managerial – and in a time of (major) change across the entire fashion scene – how social media, influencers, journalists and product placement strategies have been building RIXO’s branding?

Social media has been amazing for us, IG page allows a customer or any individual to see the essence of the brand in a split second. It is also such a great way to communicate with people all over the world in a really nice informal and quick way. We have met so many supportive and incredible women through IG which has helped to propel the brand to the next level. We are a very organic brand and don’t have any investments – RIXO has never paid for any advertising and this the way we want to keep it – We feel its so important to keep the brand as real as possible.

We don’t really have a professional strategy and as it is literally just Orlagh and I. Besides, strategically speaking, we can be super flexible and I think this helps people to get to see the true founders behind the brand in a more personal note. actually, we don’t have an agency representing us in any fields and everything is in house.

8) I usually ask for a “verbal sneak peek” at the new collection. So, what are you cooking for us?

Its all very romantic, sea themed. So we have been spending our weekends painting shells, mermaids, octopuses, fishes and everything sea inspired. SS18 is a RIXO take on under the sea.

So, we can’t wait, right?

All the love,

Sara King Moura,

Fashion Contributor

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