25 Jan 2018

3 Danish Brands to love ( and buy from) in 2018

Sara King Moura

For long long times, the epicenter of any fashion culture, huber or even trend revolved around the so expected New York city, the romantic Paris, the raw and grey London and of course, the sophisticated and high luxurious Milan.

There were no such things as Ukraine Fashion Week, MBFW Tbilisi, not even Copenhagen Fashion Week. Fashion was not as inclusive as it is right now, and creative directors were not as free as they are now – in a way, of course. Every eye was entirely focused on the already Maisons and/or biggest luxury brands at the scene that emergent and new designer brands from another geographies were put in a corner. As in Dirty Dancing, they decided to follow Baby and Johnny’s song and go with “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”, which it started a new movement. Scandinavian countries found their inner strength to stand out and be creatively brilliant.

Today, I bring three brands that have mastered their costumer needs by creating brands with a true design identity, an adequate price tag and a relatable and inspiriting brand world as their DNA.

Besides being known for it’s minimalistic attitude, Copenhagen has been standing out in terms of fashion calendar. More and more fashion journalists, stylists and fashion directors are opening a regular space in their agendas, because they simply can’t stand the idea of missing it.

These three brands have been making me smile. Their A to Z color palette approach, their genius position when it comes to product itself and their remarkable awareness when comparing them to the vast (I mean, infinite and highly competitive) fashion world prove their genius business structure.

We, absolutely, can be sure that we will be searching for these names online, across the most famous e-tailers. I guess we will also be reading a lot of features about them (ups, guess I am contributing as well) and see many editorials including their pieces.

1. Blanche

I just found this brand due to my big nose (because I am very nosy and I am always in a quest for new brands). If I remember correctly, I was in a big queue waiting to solve something with my accounting agent when I decided to go on Instagram. Found Melissa and thanks to her, found Blanche and it’s approach to fashion.

Blanche is French for white – yes, this reminds al of us to review our High School French bases – so, you can already have a feeling that Blanche will stands for something related to words such as “clean”or even “neutral”. Frankly, Blanche looked at the color through a holistic approach by presenting itself an opportunity to start all over. In a sense, perhaps Blanche stands for freedom of self reinterpretation.

The attribute I love the most about people at Blanche is that they decided to start for the very basic, and yet, so fundamental design: denim. This so familiar material is made from pure textiles through sustainable production where a large majority of our materials are either organic, GOTScertified or leftover fabric from past production. Plus, and the best is for last, they conceive contemporary designs as a true expression of rejection when it comes to style uniquely based on fast-trends.

Designed in Copenhagen,Blanche adds an underlying value to design philosophy.


2. Envii

Envii also fell on my “ lap” also thanks to Instagram. Perhaps we should all consider to show our satisfaction to Eva Chang, because in terms of fashion matters, Instagram has been doing such a terrific job. Respectful buyers already mentioned that some work-flow hours include sending themselves on an online adventure to find brands that can actually feed the current consumer’s ambitions and demands. But back to Envi then.

It is a brand that I profoundly fell in love with since it truly brought the spot on imagery of that sporty/girly style that every girl – not only Scandinavian girls. Hello, I am Portuguese and I am craving for this since EVER – was seeking.

It all started in 2009, so Envi is almost then years old. But still, people at Envi were able to find a significant balance between fashion to trends to stick and the value-for-money that so many of us often struggle to find. Envi has pushed the very much needed democratic approach which ensures that everyone can find their favorite style in every collection.



Saks appeared in my life thanks to Copenhagen Fashion Week. The brand founded and managed

– creatively and business wise – by Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks called by attention.

I will be very short in words for this brand and true reason why is completely unrelated to my lack of love and interest for this brand. Quite the contrary. Who does not love faux fur coats available in various materials and in plenty wide range of colors? Well, I am all down for it.

Saks turned every street-style a little bit more fun and – definitely – warmer, so it is no a big thing (at all) if I tell you than Leandra Medine is one of the many people indulged by this worldwide power brand. From plaid patterns to mono colored looks, you can go from mustard yellow to baby blue in a inch of an eye – sort of speaking – since so many of the styles are Susie Bubble inspired.


Go ahead, they all ship to Portugal.

All the love,

Sara King Moura

Fashion Contributor




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