16 Mar 2018

Friendly Fire’s – The SS18 Shoe Edit

Cláudia Diniz

Have you already decided which brand are you going to be obsessed with for your Spring-Summer long run? Well, for those that do not entirely know, I am completely addicted to shoes. Ok, I am also addicted to handbags (which women isn’t, right?), but the truth is that I have a major thing for shoes.

Sure, we are all (still) recovering from the beautiful clothes and shoe-game that we all have laid our eyes on during this last fashion shows season, but does anyone puts so much emphasis on shoes like I normally do?

If you do a little and very brief research, you will notice an almost infinite feed of posts that revolve around clothes, patterns, color schemes and accessories – however, the highlight normally stays within the waist-up range (meaning hair clips and hair bands (as seen on Alexander Wang), hats and, of course, bumbags, belt bags and translucent handbags (as see on Staud Clothing).

So, I’ve just decided to do an Edit of some shoes (from flat to platform ones) just to give you a hint of how great this SS18 will be, jut by adding vivid and romantic tones of red, pink and of course, by including our forever showstopper black. I could go over beautiful and well-known brands (because, let’s be real, the stakes are high nowadays) but today I found it super necessary to mention Friendly Fire, a Portuguese shoe brand led by two powerful and bright young women – which is a BIG #timeisup inspiration – that have been working a lot to spread their brand across the Globe.

Are you curious about Friendly Fire SS18 collection? You better be, just because I’ have already chosen seven pairs from the entire collection and they are just incredible versatile, not only in style, colors, but also in terms of mood of the day. By the way, they are from another galaxy and will – most definitely – make you feel comfortable, confident and on trend.

1) Iris Gingham Ballet – for those days that we are, certainly, about avoiding high heels, but still focused on putting some gingham-inspired best self, these are definitely the ones to call for.

2) Anna Red Stones – “tamancos” is the Portuguese word for clogs and they are typically used by women when they were plowing the land in order to keep humidity away. The truth is that they became pretty famous, mostly know that wearing socks with opened shoes is such a major hit, right? These ones are my favorite just because the red stones really call it for a sensual mood.

3) Jane Black Gladiador – black was spotted a lot of times during the most prestigious SS18 catwalk shows. You were able to see it during Diane Von Furstenberg and Vetements as well, so, please be my guest and just contemplate these gladiator boots for (of course) legs with no end in sight.

4) Jane Black Mules – Of course, if you’ve loved Jane in a gladiator style, you will definitely love them as mules. Why? it is simply a must-have since last AW17, so you better run for the price since it will stay as a go-to accessory. Mules can used as a statement by pairing them with electrifying colors and graphics or just by letting them complete your overall look without suffocating the entire outfit.

5) Gala High-top Gingham – I know that we are living in a Dad Shoes kind of Era and that is completely fine. However – I think I should ask for it nicely – we should never forget the beautiful ones as well. Although it may have the normal size for a sneaker (the n-o-r-m-a-l) you shouldn’t put them in a corner. Have fun by being feminine, light and super bubbly.

6) Gala Black Gingham – If your style is a more clean, minimal and neutral kind one you sure are going to love this all white everything version. Ok, spoiler alert, you will find a hingham black and white pattern on top of the sneaker.

7) Frida Raspberry – Well, these flat shoes are surely a Susie Bubble and Naomi Shimada kind of color palette, so you better run for these if you love to spend your Summer wearing red – by the way, one of the most coveted colors for 2018. Now, imagine gingham and raspberry cartoons. Perfection on your feet.



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