21 Mar 2018

Dsquared2 on an American style quest for SS18

Cláudia Diniz

We are, finally, talking about Dsquared2. I don’t know if you are aware, but I’ve developed a serious crush of Dean and Dan Caten. Not for their last years of huge success as the founders and creative directors of their own one of a kind brand, but particularly because they have really pursued their dreams – and let’s be honest, how many people can truly stand up and tell us that they are really doing everything they can to achieve their goals?

They are originally from Canada (Oh Canada), but they soon moved to New York for Parsons and then moved to Milan. The funny thing about then is that they are constantly so up-beat and energetic, so I guess that all that energy couldn’t be tied to a spot. Not even to New York City.

Nevertheless the A to Z reasons regarding my unconditional love and admiration, I also love what they envision, design and create for us women, no only in terms of clothes but as well in terms of accessories (which they have been upgrading their skills game). Have you already spotted me cruising around Madrid with my squared black leather Dsquared2 handbag? You’ve probably done so, because I’ve been showing myself off since they day I’ve unboxed that beauty. It has an incredibly luxury appeal to it, however, it is so practical that it merges itself into my everyday look.

From a more straight to the office style – wearing it without the logo crossbody strap – to a more sporty-chic situation – grab the strap and be right on the logo mania trend – you are always set to nail the accessories situation.

But let’s get it on and just go over this ready-to-wear SS18 collection, because it is like a go-backto- USA kind of thing. “Born &’Made in USA” is a common detail that goes from the very beginning to the end of the fashion show. The two Deans present their individual and contemporary take on American fashion by focusing their creative inputs on leather biker jackets (being paired with mermaid bottoms), animal inspired prints (being paired with flowered and Hawaiian schemes), tones of denim and, of course, on the reinterpretation of the typical culturally money-maker prom dresses (paired with what it seems to be our old Girl Scout shirt) .

I mean, they were always brilliant, but today’s Dsquared2 approach to fashion is based upon the mission of understanding and reconnecting with Millennials and the upcoming Generation Z.

Placing their bets on mint green, mustard yellow, rose pink and the constant neutrals – black and white – as well on the mix and match of different sizes and styles, they’ve proven to have found their place.




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