31 Jan 2018

Bulky Sneakers – the ugly shoe that changed the rules of styling

Cláudia Diniz

Everyone’ve already heard about this unapologetic trend, and from where I stand it has been a pretty steady trend. (Right?)

Perhaps you as a young-self had the traumatic experience of wearing the so called orthopedic shaped shoes – so embarrassing – and, somehow, it was extremely off of every bit of trend that our parents could be aware of (mine did not read Vogue so much, I must say).

The 80’s were, definitely, a time that labeled the chunky sneakers as “Dad Shoes” and they could not be more accurate. Grubby and unflattering shapes were perceived synonymous for nerd and outcasted. In a sentence, they were not as cool as they are now.

Thinking of my dad, I know that he used to rock some pretty awesome All Stars (and I can promise you that he still wear – currently – a pair in millennial pink. Yes to this). But heading back to the 80’s and 90’s, we can mention (in a tribute to these revolutionary pieces) from Nike Jordan IV, Converse Weapon, Fila T1 to Nike Air Stab and Reebok The Pump as the ringleaders of what would be a bombastic trend in 2017 – and still coming for another solid round in 2018.

Yes, I know. I am very must aware that the most “girly” of you must be processing the following thought: “Oh god, how can I wear those things? they have such a dramatic and wide sole. And plus, that boxy shape (…) it feels painful and heavy just by laying my eyes of them”. And this it practically accurate, expect from the painful and heavy part.

Technology and investment in product development (talking mostly about new materials components) has taking everything to the next level, so I can assure you that these “Dad Shoes” are about to be renamed as “Millennial’s Walkers”.

That being said, it seems that our fathers (or even boyfriends), are certainly having the last laugh. They, actually, knew what they were doing and they tried to taught some sense to us when it comes to styling tips. (Ok, after writing these last lines I know that everything sounds odd. Perhaps, and after all, they do have a 6th sense or a fashion fairy).

Everything points out to a new superb wave of new bulky (an ugly, please note) sneakers, so you better start appreciating the tips that history has been giving you in order to fully love this hateful hype sneakers format. You would be surprised by the versatile styling options that come along with them and if you don’t believe in me, you better see for yourself. Influencers are really making a statement when it comes to women’s presence and self presentation. From Balenciaga Triple S, Yeezy Boost 700, Eytys Angel Suede to Vetements X Reebok Instapump Fury and New Balance 622, you can still look like a true subtle and vibrant feminine woman while having aesthetically big sneakers on your feet.

Ok, they are not – obviously – ballerinas, but you can have so much more fun walking on them. Don’t forget that creative and colorful socks are super IN, so you can be adventurous and go from outrageous graphics and patterns to delicate lace and frills, while being your best self. Or simply show off your knees while using a fluid long skirt or your favorite palazzo pants.

Bottom line, rules have changes. Sneakers are long exclusive of sporty orientated women.

If you want to give a (useful and deserved) break from high heels, pumps, kitten heels or boots (from the ankle height to knee), you better find your “Dad shoes” own identity.

You have the entire 2018 to do so.


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