23 Nov 2016

Winter Essentials

Cláudia Diniz


I am grateful to have friends creating amazing fashion pieces and accessories, specially for the cold season that we are heading to.

I am talking about @ummer_collection and @friendlyfire.

Both of them are portuguese brands! The proof that creativity does exist in our beautiful country.

I’m gonna share two different looks with you!

Sou uma privilegia por ter amigas que criam as melhores peças e acessórios de moda para esta estação.

Estou a falar da @ummer_collection e da @friendlyfire, marcas portuguesas de muito sucesso.

São a prova que a criatividade existe em Portugal!

Vou partilhar convosco o meu look






The first one is my beautiful coat by @ummer_collection and this amazing boots from @friendlyfire.

Let’s start talking about the boots. They are a dream and you can easily notice the quality.

Comfortable, practical and fashionable. I feel like a real superstar!

The jacket is super warm, cute and trendy!! When wearing it I feel like an authentic camouflaged bear. So fluffy, so cozy.. Well, impossible to not fall in love with it!

Is anyone in love with these two pieces?

Escolhi o casaco de pêlo @ummer_collection e as botas @friendlyfire

As botas

São um sonho e a qualidade está à vista.

Confortáveis, práticas e na moda, sinto-me uma verdadeira superstar!

O casaco

Super quentinho, fofo e na moda, um autentico urso camuflado.

Alguém apaixonada por estas duas peças?

Hat: Topshop

Sunglasses: Komono

Faux Fur Coat: Ummer

Shirt: Boohoo

Knee High Boots: Friendly Fire

Bag: Vintage Chanel 2.55

(Photographer Luís Barbosa )


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  • Neraby

    El abrigo es piel de animal? O es sintético?

    Me encanta el look. El abrigo y las botas son increíblemente bonitas!

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